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Valco Sun Stopper

Valco Sun Stopper
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Created to fit most 3 and 4 wheel strollers and prams, the Sun Stopper is also available for side-by-side, tandem strollers and prams:

    Created specifically for the Australian climate
    Provides unique all weather protection
    Designed to sit over a stroller or pram’s existing hood
    Secures over the frame of the pram, effectively sealing it off from the elements
    Lightweight fabric protects from the sun and insects
    UV mesh allows air to circulate and lets the child see out
    Fabric can be rolled down over the front of the pram and either side, to reduce directional sun glare
    Effectively blocks wind as well as protects from all but the most intense rainfall.
    The UV mesh blocks 80%+ UVA and UVB, while the black fabric offers 90%+ protection

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