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Cup Holder

Cup Holder
The Liquid Holster for the City Select is a self-leveling beverage holder that sways with the motion of the stroller - helping to prevent spills. Designed to fit only the Baby Jogger City Select - if you have another stroller model, please order the universal Liquid Holster.  - Custom designed ..
Fits any stroller that has a round 15mm bracket with a 12mm inset to clip The Drink Holder to. The Drink Holder prevents unwanted spills when strolling! It securely fits most tubing as well, so it's not just for your stroller!Restrictions: Do not use with hot liquids. Compatible with only  ..
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Attaches to the chassis to hold cold drinks. Clamp is required for attaching - sold separately...
Stay hands free while you're out and about with the Pushchair Cup Holder. Product DescriptionMade for – compatible with the Mamas & Papas Urbo2 strollers...
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Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Drink Holder is perfect to have bottles, sippy cups or other beverages within reach while you push your stroller. It can be easily fitted to the top or side of most stroller handles.  Adjustable clamp attachmentFits most strollers..
The Joolz Cup holder attatches to every Joolz stroller. It holds drinks upright and secure to avoid little spills. Ideal for baby, Mum or Dad. Suitable for: all Joolz prams..
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The BABYZEN cup holder has been specially designed for the YOYO. Very stable, it has a hook specifically designed to attach to 6 different points on the stroller frame.Keep your drinks close at hand by installing a cup holder for you and one for your baby.  ..
The ideal on-the-go drink carrier to fit the CRUZ, VISTA and ALTA strollers. Holds various size beverages including extra large caffeine boosts.   Stroller can fold with cup holder attached. Can be easily attached on either side of the stroller frame.  Sturdy construction of Triton® and plastic...
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Edwards & Co Universal Cup Holder Edwards & Co Universal Cup Holder
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Designed by Edwards & Co, this cup holder is custom made to fit almost all Edwards & Co strollers.  It can be positioned on either side of the handlebar and can be left installed when folding your stroller. It's soft teeth keeps smaller cups cradled for easy removal and reduced drink spilla..
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CYBEX Priam Cup Holder
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Adding to the brilliance and functionality of CYBEX's award-winning stroller Priam, are a range of handy accessories. This cup holder can be easily attached to either side of the stroller's handle bar.- Plastic cup holder- Easily attaches to either side of pram's handlebar- Compatible only with CYBE..
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With its universal fixing system, the Bevi Buddy is easily fitted to most prams and strollers for a convenient and practical solution to carrying most beverages. Special flanges adjust to the diameter of your container, allowing you to carry a variety of sizes from a takeaway coffee cup to a 1.5-lit..
Our Universal Cup holder is unique in the way it fits larger sized cups, cans & bottles. It fits on most prams and strollers and is a staple if you’re looking for an affordable accessory...
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