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A wide array of accessories that will maintain your little ones health such as a sterilisers, drying rack and bottle cleaners among many other items to help you.
Brand: Pigeon
The Pigeon Training Toothbrushes are excellent for teething babies. - Soft elastomer rubber heads make them perfect for soothing and cleaning  babies gums.- Can be purchased as a set, or each lesson can be purchased separately.- Exciting colours and design will make toothbrushing fun!..
Brand: Dream Baby
Dreambaby® Room & Bath Thermometer BPA-Free Award Winning Thermometer – Accurate Temperature Gauge – Cute Turtle Design – Easy to Read Indicator – Automatically Updates – Switchable to Celsius or Fahrenheit – Tested to Toy Standard THE PERFECT TEMPERATURE – Getting the temperature just rig..
Brand: Dream Baby
The Dreambaby® Rapid Response Digital Thermometer is a must for your getting-ready-for-baby checklist. Be prepared for any emergency or simply put your mind at ease with an accurate reading in just eight seconds!Any parent knows how difficult it is to take the temperature of a sick child. ..
Brand: Dream Baby
The Dreambaby Essential Grooming Kit is packed with necessary items to help keep baby well groomed and healthy. Packed in a convenient storage case, it is easy to keep organised and great for home or travel. Features: 10 piece setBPA freePVC free Contents: Hair Brush x 1- soft and gentle on the..
Brand: Twistshake
Twistshake's teether cooler is manufactured from a soft material and comes with a patterned surface that massages the itchy gum. The special cooling device stimulates the development of teeth and easily reaches the molars. Store in fridge before use. DETAILS Free from BPS, BPA and BPF - Sa..
Brand: Chicco
The Safe Hygiene Brush & Comb allows you to gently comb baby’s hair.  The soft natural bristles of the brush and the comb teeth with rounded ends are ideal for baby’s delicate scalp.  Both have large handles that allow for an easy grip. ..
Brand: Bubba Blue
Soft and silky to the touch Bubba Blue's award winning bamboo cloth nappies/towelling squares are a nursery essential. Our bamboo towelling is soft & absorbent making it perfect for nappies, or as a handy nursery or nappy bag cloth for inevitable baby spills and mess!   - Soft-to-the-t..
Brand: 59S
59S LED UVC pacifier sterilising box makes an amazing baby shower gift for new mother.It can eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria from nipples, pacifiers, teethers, small toys and breast pump accessories when on-the-go, which give your baby more protection and keep him growing up healthily.Th..
$45.00 $49.99
Brand: Cherub Baby
 The Cherub Baby 5 in 1 Forehead Ear & Bath Touchless Thermometer has just been released with the most advanced tech to date to provide the highest accuracy of any touchless thermometer. Utilising Accuscan technology, the thermometer will records a continuous reading across the entire foreh..
Brand: 59S
 Sterilise on the go with the 59S UV Sterilisation Bag. Powered by UVLED Technology, you can achieve 99.9% disinfection rate within 59 Seconds with just one click.Features:- 99.9% Efficient- Disinfects in 59 seconds- Non-toxic- No radiation- Ozone free- Bacteriostatic storage function- Easy to ..
$107.00 $119.99
Brand: 59S
 59S UV Sterilisation Mummy Bag make sterilising breast pumps and feeding bottles easy and is always on the go within 3 mins. Features:- Ultraviolet (UV-C) light eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, etc by destorying DNA physically.- Removes milky taste of baby bottles- Easy to use: Clo..
$152.00 $168.99
Brand: 59S
A Magical Box to increase baby's appetite. UVC LED can reduce the milky smell of the bottle by decomposing the odor molecule, to increase the appetite of baby. Features:3Mins 99.9% Sterilisation RateReduce Milky SmellSmart DryingSterile StoragePortable for TravelMulti-purpose..
$250.00 $278.00
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