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Car Seats

All children in Australia from birth to 7 years old must be in a approved child restraint seat while traveling in a vehicle.

All babies from birth to 6 months must be seat in a rearward facing position.  They must use a baby capsule or an convertible car seat fitted in a rearward facing position.

You are permitted to travel with your child in a forward facing position from 6 months.  However, it is highly recommended that you leave your child seat in the rear-facing position till at least 12 months and up to 30 months.

All children up to 4 years old must be seated in a fully harnessed child seat.  That is, the 6 point harness that comes with the child car seat.  You can use an convertible car seat in a forward position or use a convertible booster with the harness.  There are also booster seats that are fully harness till 8 years old.

Child from 4 years old are permitted to use a booster with the vehicles seat belt.  Please ensure your child is tall enough to use these boosters.  It is recommended a child is to remain in a child restraint till the height of 145cm.