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Convertible Seats (0-8y)

These convertible car seats are suitable for use from birth to 8 years old.  From birth to approximately 30 months, the child is seated in a rearward facing position.  From 6 months, you can use the seat in a forward facing position up to 8 years old.

Infa Secure Achieve Premium Infa Secure Achieve Premium
Harnessed to 8Yr 0-8Yrs -36 %
Brand: Infa Secure
Infa Secure Achieve Premium is the next evolution in groundbreaking birth to eight years type A4/G Convertible Car Seats. With Achieve your bundle of joy can rearward face for up to approximately 30 months old, and forward face whilst in a harness until approximately 8 years old! You can feel secu..
$499.00 $779.00
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