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Bebe Cool Stroller Cooling Mat

Bebe Cool Stroller Cooling Mat
Bebe Cool Stroller Cooling Mat
Bebe Cool Stroller Cooling Mat
Bebe Cool Stroller Cooling Mat
Bebe Cool Stroller Cooling Mat

For your baby to stay cool! How it works? The gel absorbs the excess of heat from baby’s body and provides a cooling sensation in exchange. The process will regulate and keep baby at the right temperature during hot weather. The cooling process will work continuously during 3 to 4 hours, it is a sustainable process which will regenerate it self after resting for 1-2 hours.

  • DESIGN & CONCEPT: Designed to keep your baby cool when out in the hot weather. Ideal for hot weather, prickly heat and even eczema. Our French designed Baby Cooling Gel Mat will make your baby feel refreshed at all times
  • EASY & CONVENIENT: There is no need to put it in the freezer. It is a self-cooling gel mat and no power supply is needed. It is Waterproof and Hand washable (Washes easily with a wet sponge). Also, can be stored at room temperature. All in all it is HASSLE-FREE
  • ANTI-BACTERIAL & ANTI-FUNGAL: Made out of high-level anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fabric with sweat-absorbing properties. It reduces anxiety of your baby, not only does your baby feel good but it also helps provide you and your baby a bright and comfortable experience. It is also made of Antimicrobial products. Non-toxic and harmless to babies, YAY!
  • TESTED & SAFE: The surface material is made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester fabric which is both safe and comfortable. The back fabric is 1000D polyester. Anti-slip and durable. The patented cooling gel mat is made of macromolecules that prevent leakage outside of the mat while the gel is made from 80% water, allowing better dissipation of heat. Gel material is imported from Japan to provide high efficient cooling. It is guaranteed to be 100% safe
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: It will fit any baby strollers!

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