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Tiny Love Princess Butterfly Stroll Stroller Arch

Tiny Love Princess Butterfly Stroll Stroller Arch
Tiny Love Princess Butterfly Stroll Stroller Arch


The Tiny Princess Butterfly Stroll Stroller Arch is an adorable fun-filled on-the-go toy designed especially for your little princess. It is ideal for newborns and up.


  • Caters to two stages of development: Batting and sensory exploration (0m+) Pulling for cause & effect learning (5m+).
  • Flexible arch bends forwards, backwards, up and down.
  • 6 baby-activated toys for fun on-the-go.


Skills this toy helps develop:


  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Senses


Easily connect the arch to your stroller or baby carrier for fun and amusement on the go. Flexible arch and universal attachment clip let you adjust the toy to your baby’s changing age and stage.


0-3 months
During the first three months, your baby needs visual stimuli to help her learn how to focus her gaze. Position the Butterfly Stroll at an optimal distance (8-12 inches) from baby while in the stroller or baby carrier.


3-6 months
As baby lies facing the toys hanging within arm’s reach, she can gaze at the butterfly smiling down at her from above. Later, she will develop the hand control that will allow her to hold the toys, explore the various elements and even pull the handle to move the propeller.


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