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Babyhood Breathe Eze Cosy Crib

Babyhood Breathe Eze Cosy Crib
Babyhood Breathe Eze Cosy Crib

The Cosy Crib is convenient to use as a lightweight portable bed. Merely place the Cosy Crib on a safe, flat surface and your baby will be assured of a comfortable, sound sleep. The outer cover of the Cosy Crib can be removed for washing. The mattress in the Cosy Crib is removable for washing cover and fibre. Australian Made.
It is a firm and supportive sleep system that is designed to help babies feel secure and parents sleep peacefully. The Cosy Crib (unlike other systems) has no excessive soft bedding which SIDS does not recommend.
Breathe EZE product allergy and dust free
Cosy and safe like in a moms womb
Safe and secure
Tuck bedding under the firm mattress
Firm Padded roll designed so it can be placed in bed when baby has a bad night (stops parents rolling onto baby )
Allergy and Dust mite free
Take a long to family and friends so baby is in their safe and clean environment

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