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Bubbaroo Joey Swag 2.5 Tog 6-18 Mth

Bubbaroo Joey Swag  2.5 Tog 6-18 Mth

Colour available in Mystic Blue, Pink Or Mocha. Please specify colour choice

Safely to sleep. Sleep time has never been this easy. A safe alternative to top sheets and blankets.
Not only safe and functional but incredibly stylish - you won\'t find any gaudy designs in Bubbaroo\'s range. The Joey Swags are made from the highest quality fabrics and are like luxurious bedding.

All ColourĀ  Joey Swag sleep bags accommodate a 5-point harness.
Machine washable and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting. Please ensure your Joey Swag is zipped before washing or drying.

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