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Bubbaroo Joey Pouch

Bubbaroo Joey Pouch
This unique product swaddles baby and is similar to a baby sleeping bag JoeyPouch is a unique design Swaddling Bag which makes changing nappies so much easier without unwrapping anbaby.

Designed specifically for newborn babies.

Wrap around and v-neck design to ensure baby doesn't slip down inside the Joey Pouch.
Lightweight breathable knitted cotton waffle fabric to prevent baby overheating.
No excess fabric providing safer handling of wrapped baby.
Made from a beautiful light-weight 100% knitted cotton waffle fabric and can be used all year round (refer to Temperature Guide).

The Joey PouchTM is designed for newborn babies - there is only one size so you don't need to purchase different sizes.

To Fit:
Length: up to 70cm
Weight: minimum 3.2kg 7lbs
maximum 8kg 17.6lbs

The Joey PouchTM should not be used once baby is able to roll over from their back to their front.
Colours: Mocha, Delicate Pink, Mystic Blue

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