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Troll Lukas Cot & Troll Dresser

Troll Lukas Cot & Troll Dresser

What's Included in Package:

  • Troll Lukas Cot
  • Troll Sun Dresser
  • Kangaroo Deluxe Innerspring mattress 140x70

Troll Lukas Cot

The Troll Lukas Cot is the only few cots that are still manufactured in Europe. 

The cot is made in Europe from birch wood. All paints and varnishes are non-toxic.

The LUKAS cot is a light and open design that will add a modern touch to your nursery. The cot is made from birchLow sto wood and is open on all four sides.

The construction of the cot is wonderfully simple yet sturdy and it complies with Australian standards.  There are two base positions: one high for infants and a low position for older babies. The height of the cot means that there is no need for a drop side and you simply reach into the cot as it is.

The cot can be converted to a smart sofa by removing one of the sides.

All paints and varnishes are non-toxic.

Troll Sun Dresser

The Sun Dresser is a stylish piece in solid European birch with 3 large drawers on quality self-closing runners. It measures H915 x W1050 x D530mm, and has a change tray option. Available in White, Whitewash or Soft Grey, it is the perfect storage solution for your nursery.

INCLUDES: 3-drawer dresser – flat packed for assembly

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Troll Lukas Cot & Troll Dresser

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