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The Original TummyTub

The Original TummyTub

TummyTub's unique design cradles baby in fetal position, while the transparent material and high sides of the tub muffle sounds and lights, similar to the womb.  It just so happens mimicking the womb environment works best in a bucket-shaped tub, but look closer and you will see huge differences in design, quality, and most importantly safety.

TummyTub is an easy, stress free and safe way to bath and settle your baby. TummyTub is endorsed by medical professionals as the best way to bath your baby. The popularity of the TummyTub has been growing worldwide, with TummyTubs being used in homes, neo-natal units, maternity wards, nurseries and children's hospitals for more than 10 years.

The original TummyTub uses only 5 litres of water on average, approx. 10 litres less than conventional baby baths. Therefore, the original TummyTub saves water and energy! It is easy to carry and kinder to your back (5 litres water weighs almost 5 Kg). The TummyTub is lightweight even when full, very important for new mothers, specially after caesarean delivery. After bathtime you can easily carry the TummyTub outside and water your garden or lawn – no waste of water!

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