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The original baby on board sign reminds other drivers to drive carefully on the roads and is clearly visible when attached on the window. Sign is clearly visible from distance, and adheres to any car window. 'Baby on Board' logoSuction cup attachment..
Bright sunlight can bother a baby's sensitive eyes - help shade your child from the sun's harmful rays with a roller shade for the back seats of the car. 44.5cm Wide..
Safety 1st Solo Convertible Booster Seat Safety 1st Solo Convertible Booster Seat
6m - 8 Yrs Harnessed to 4Yr SALE
The Solo Convertible Booster is a great looking booster seat that is slim in built, allowing for up to 3 seats to be fitted across, in most cars, without sacrificing comfort. It features a 5-position headrest adjustment to accommodate your growing child, arm rests for the child's comfort and..
$179.00 $199.00
Curious kids try to get into anything and everything, but the Safety 1st OutSmart™ Slide Lock helps you keep them out with the first ever decoy button. Your child will think that the decoy button opens the lock, but pushing it has no effect. You’ll know that the flexible surface hides the actual sec..
The Grip N Go Cabinet Lock keeps little hands out of cabinets.  For peace of mind the SecureTech technology lets you know when the lock had been secured correctly.  Can be used on knobs or handles in kitchens and bathrooms.Features:- Slide button for easy removal- Versatile design- Ease of use- N..
$9.00 $14.49
The 2 in 1 design of this brush & comb set enables you to gently loosen and remove the flakes from your baby's scalp and alleviate the symptoms of cradle cap. Features:- Slides easily onto adult's hand, helping to keep the brush steady- Soft, rubber brush bristles help to loosen flakes- Fine-toot..
Safety 1st sure grip door latch. Helps prevent slamming doors and pinched fingers. Safe locks dooors open. Convenient disengages for use as a standard doorstop..
The Push \'N Snap Cabinet Lock keeps little hands out of cabinets. SecureTech technology lets you know that the lock is activated. Can be used in the kitchen or bathroom on knobs and handles. All you need to do is Push and Snap.FeaturesSpring-loaded latches for easy use Secure Tech tech..
The Oven Front Lock turn sharp corners into soft corners with the Corner Edge Guard.Our uniquely shaped corner protectors are made of fire retardant, non-toxic, latex-free cushioned soft foam that easily moulds to table corners and other home furniture. The double stick tape keeps them securely fast..
Babies little nails can be sharp . No scratch mittens were designed to help prevent infants from scratching themselves. The soft cotton material is comfortable for baby and the elastic wrist bands keep them securely in place. FEATURES . Soft cotton mittens . Elastic wristbands BENEFITS . Helps keep ..
The Multi-Purpose Appliance latch cuts down on kitchen mishaps by keeping toddlers out of kitchen appliances.FEATURES: * Press-n-pull lock feature * Ideal for refrigerator or freezer doors, microwaves, dishwashers & dryers * Adhesive backingBENEFITS: * East for adults to use, difficult for child..
This sturdy slide lock helps keep children out of cabinets that are off-limits.- Child-resistant lock helps keep cabinets secure- Works on cabinets with handles or knobs- Easy for adults to use and install..
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