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Nursing Pillows

Nursing Pillows
The perfect pillow for pregnancy & nursing!Micro beads and fine fabrics make a differenceMillions of micro beads make the Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow outperform other support pillows in terms of functionality, versatility and quality. Designed to help mums enjoy a ..
Brand: Chicco
 The modular and flexible design makes it adaptable to various requirements of support that vary during pregnancy and change from one woman to another. The pillow consists of 3 pieces that can be removed and used for the perfect combination. The total body pillow has been developed wi..
$157.00 $179.00
Brand: Ergobaby
Features - ergonomic design relieves muscular strain and ensures a tension-free posture- unique solid foam maintains shape for long lasting support- smart contouring positions baby tummy-to-tummy for a good latch- assists digestion by supporting baby’s head above tummy level- versatile comfort for ..
$129.00 $139.99
This pillow was designed to properly support mum and baby during breast feeding. The back rest helps maintain good posture, preventing sore backs and necks. Wrap around design secures to the body, helping mum and baby maintain ideal positioning and latch on. Arms and elbow rest eliminating shoulder ..
Brand: Chicco
The newly designed Boppy Contoured Pregnancy Wedge is a firm, versatile cushion for back and belly support. Developed with a physical therapist, the contoured design cradles mom’s belly for comfortable sleep. Its lightweight and portable design means mom can put it where she wants it. The removable ..
Brand: Chicco
Enter in colour choice in the comments field during checkout. Woodsie or Butterfly Boppy has scientifically studied ergonomic shape to ensure mother and baby breastfeed in exactly the right position. The \"Miracle Middle Insert\", is an exclusive insert that guarantees a snug and secure fit which ..
$72.99 $84.99
Milkbar Breastfeeding Pillow The Milkbar helps make feeding your baby an enjoyable and rewarding experience. By supporting your baby’s weight and elevating them to a comfortable level, the Milkbar portable nursing pillow reduces strain on your neck, back and arms. Suitable for both breast and bo..
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