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Nose Frida

Nose Frida Nasal Aspirator
Safely removes nasal congestion and mucous build up Doctor recommended | Effective and safe Helps children get a good night’s sleep According to NoseFrida, babies get around seven colds per year on average. That means a lot of blocked up noses and discomfort for days on end. That’s why they devel..
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Clinically proven to prevent mucus or bacterial transferDisposable filters for baby nose suckerRelieves cold symptoms and congestionFilters keep the NoseFrida 100 percent hygienic..
Delivers the full dose through a soft, familiar dummy that sends medicine to the side of the cheek, as recommended by doctors, bypassing baby's taste buds to prevent spit-ups so baby swallows full dose. MediFrida is the only soother-style baby medicine dispenser that doubles as a real dummy, so dosi..
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