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Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony Rocking Animal

Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony Rocking Animal
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Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony Rocking Animal


The Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony Rocking Animal will make a dream come true with our beautifully made Rocking Animal.

This luxurious ride on toy is made from soft plush fabrics and features a wooden rocking bow, wooden hand grips, molded saddle seat to support young riders, crinkle fabric in the mane and rattle sounds.

An extra special gift for any little girl that will encourage the development of fine motor skills, imagination and exercise.

With her soft, pink fur and sturdy, wooden rockers, she’s ready to take your little princess on an adventure filled with fun and excitement. Whether she’s riding across the rainbow or trotting through the fairy kingdom on her trusty steed, your little girl will have millions of wonderful adventures with Polyanna Pony right there by her side.

The Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony soft and snugly pink fur is so huggable; she’ll be an instant hit. But there’s more to her than that. Her saddle and mane are a patchwork of different fabrics which offer a rich sensory experience for your little one. Secret crinkle fabrics, rattles and squeakers help to encourage the development of her motor skills, imagination, and the five senses. The Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony also helps to teach your little princess about exercise.

The base of the Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony is a high-quality, hardwearing wooden rocker. She also has smooth, wooden handles to give your child extra security. Polyanna Pony’s wooden frame makes her a sturdy steed ready to take your little girl anywhere.

Her little face will light up when she sees you’ve bought her a real-live pony of her very own! The Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony will soon become your little angel’s new best friend. Her seat is approximately 25 cms high which makes her perfect for kids aged 12 months and up. So get your baby darling a gift she’ll grow up with and treasure for many years to come. Pollyanna Pony is waiting for you to give her a good home and a new friend for life; so don’t disappoint this cute little pony, hit the buy button now and give her a home today.

Why Buy Mamas & Papas Pollyanna Pony:

– Encourages development of sight, touch, sound, fine motor skills, imagination and exercise
– A luxurious ride on with crinkle fabric, rattles and squeakers
-Easy to pack away with re-usable box

Age suitability:12 months+
Size:H: 41 x W: 52 x D: 30cm approx.
Seat Height:32cm approx.

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