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iCandy Orange Luxury Liner

iCandy Orange Luxury Liner
iCandy Orange Luxury Liner

Add a bit of extra comfort and support to your iCandy Orange pram with the iCandy Orange Seat Liner. 

Available in each of the stunning colourways of the Orange pram, the liner reduces the sizes of the seat and protects it from any unwanted crumbs and mess!

The seat liner contains harness holes at the back, keeping it and your child held safely in place.


  • Seat liner for iCandy Orange pram
  • Easy to fit
  • Harness holes
  • Reduces seat size and saves upholstery from dirt
  • Softly padded and stylish

Available Colours:

  • Flame (Orange)
  • Autumn (Brown)
  • Carbon (Charcoal)
  • Pop (Pink)
  • Noir (Black)
  • Spring (Green)
  • Topaz (Blue)
  • Mercury (Silver)

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