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The ARIA™ is an electric breast pump designed to fit inside your nursing bra to give you a hands free pumping experience - no more cords or tubes! Australian designed to suit the modern Aussie mum, the ARIA ™ features:3 Breastshield sizes included to help you find your perfect fit - in t..
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PRE ORDER FOR 16 FEBGet the famous Haakaa Breast Pump and silicone flower stopper as a combo!The Haakaa Breast Pump is made of 100% silicone. The increased capacity lets mums express even more milk at once, and the flower stopper sits tight in the neck of the breast pump to stop any accidental spill..
$34.88 $44.99
 Haakaa Silicone Shampoo Brush  Haakaa Silicone Shampoo Brush
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The Haakaa Silicone Shampoo Brush is a multi-functional tool to help care for baby during bath time.Made with super soft silicone, it's gentle on even the most sensitive skin - it can be used to help clean baby's body and hair, as a relaxing scalp massager, or as a hairbrush to carefully untangle th..
$16.99 $19.99
Lactivate Silver Nursing Cups help to soothe and heal sore damaged nipples naturally. Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver and 100% nickel free, Lactivate® Silver Nursing Cups are designed to be used between breastfeeding sessions instead of nipple cream to help protect, soothe a..
$68.99 $79.00
Reusable Breastmilk Storage BagsNo more tossing out single use plastic breastmilk bags!Junobie is the World's First Eco-Friendly and Reusable Breastmilk Storage Bag that is leak proof, stands up, lays flat, and slides shut.As seen in Vogue, Junobie is helping modern day millennial mums un-plas..
$44.99 $67.95
Let you little one enjoy new flavours on-the-go! The Haakaa Squeeze & Feed Bag Combo was designed with little hand in mind - its the fun, squeezable and convient way for your baby to enjoy their milk on-the-go!Made with super soft silcone, you or your baby can easily squezze the pouch to ..
$26.09 $28.99
Let your little one snack anywhere, anytime with the Silicone Yummy Pouch! Made of 100% food grade silicone that can be reused over and over again, our easy-squeezy pouch is perfect for taking homemade goodness out and about. It offers all the convenience of store-bought food pouches without..
$31.50 $34.99
Drinking and eating on-the-go just got a whole lot easier for your little one with the Haakaa Silicone Sip-N-Snack Cup! This 100% food grade silicone cup comes with two interchangeable lids that transform it into the ideal sippy cup or spill-proof snack container. The spout of the sippy top li..
$26.99 $29.99
The Haakaa Silicone Milk Storage Bags are a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic milk storage bags. They are made of food grade silicone and can be reused over and over again, reducing the impact that single-use plastic makes on our environment. Haakaa Silicone Milk Stora..
$55.99 $65.99
Haakaa Silicone Colostrum Collector Set- 6pk Haakaa Silicone Colostrum Collector Set- 6pk
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The Haakaa Silicone Colostrum Collector is a world-first design, giving mums the option to express colostrum antenatally and postnatally in a safe, easy-to-use storage solution. Colostrum is traditionally collected in single-use syringes often made from harmful plastics. The Haakaa collect..
$30.99 $36.99
Safely care for the whole family's nails with Haakaa's Pear-Fect Manicure Kit! These durable tools feature rounded edges which make them perfect for use on your child's hands, minimising the risk of injury to their delicate skin. Everything comes included in a handy and compact case that you..
$16.99 $19.99
Haakaa New Mum Breastfeeding Essentials Pack
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Featuring the BEST Selling Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump & Haakaa Ladybug Silicone Milk CollectorThe Haakaa New Mum Breastfeeding Essentials Pack is the perfect way to get you started on your breastfeeding journey or as a gift for another new mummy.This pack includes:150ml Silicone Breast ..
$99.00 $107.99
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