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Edwards & Co was established in 2014 and builds on 30 years of retail experience passed down through our family.

As a boutique, family-owned company made up entirely of Kiwi parents - we understand the ride, because we’ve lived it. We’ve learned, first-hand, the pressures, the frustrations and the joys… and seen what matters most.

Our range of products are designed to impress, designed to last, designed to change, and designed to give every member of the Edwards & Co ‘family’ the smoothest possible ride.

Edwards & Co Snack Tray Edwards & Co Snack Tray
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Elevate your on-the-go parenting game with the Edwards & Co Snack Tray. Now, your baby can enjoy snacks on the move while you stroll on uninterrupted. Featuring two removable cup/snack holders with sealable lids and a handy tray for easy snacking. Just click it onto your Edwards & Co Oscar M..
Edwards & Co Olive Double Stroller Edwards & Co Olive Double Stroller
BONUS Accessory SALE
Bonus Newborn insertThere are more options, more flexibility and more to love with Olive, the stroller you've been expecting. Olive is an adaptable four-wheeler with luxurious, full-size seats for one or two children. It has the same footprint whether you use it as a single or double and boasts..
$1,099.00 $1,499.00
Edwards & Co Oscar M2 Edwards & Co Oscar M2
BONUS Accessory SALE
Bonus Newborn InsertOscar is the original pram that has been around since Edwards & Co began in 2014. Since that first model, Edwards & Co have completely redesigned Oscar, and Oscar M2 is their strongest three-wheeler yet, with increased ..
$749.00 $999.00
 Edwards & Co Otto Travel Stroller  Edwards & Co Otto Travel Stroller
Hot BONUS Accessory SALE
Order today and receive a bonus Edwards & Co Pram Liner valued at $69.99It’s the ultimate all-rounder that can cope with anything. Take it on the plane and parents will love it at the other end! Sit up... lie flat... get a smooth ride without the punctures and fold it away with one hand. And ..
$328.88 $449.00
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