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Dr Browns Glass Bottle 240ml 2Packs

Dr Browns  Glass Bottle 240ml 2Packs
Dr Browns Natural Flow Baby Bottle
2 x Standard 7-ounce Dr. Brown €™s Natural Flow baby bottle with Level-One teat.

The Vent System is designed to create €œNo Vacuum € inside the bottle while eliminating air bubbles in formula and breast milk. The Dr Brown €™s Natural Flow Bottle has an €œOPEN € system. As liquid leaves the bottle, air enters from the outside, through the teat collar and into the two small holes on the side of the vent. The air is then directed to the area above the liquid. This creates a perfect equilibrium in the bottle at all times between liquid and air. No vacuum allows babies to feed at their own pace. Dr. Brown €™s Natural Flow baby bottle comes with Level-One teat.

Benefits of Using Dr Brown €™s Natural Flow:
* Baby nurses without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum, or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles. Baby does not have to suck harder and harder each time.
* Comfortable and controlled feed. Helps reduce colic, spit-up, burping, and wind.
* Positive feeding flow helps to prevent teat collapse and maintain the lip seal the baby has with the teat.
* Silicone teat is precision cut to allow for maximum performance with the flow of liquid.

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