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Done by Deer Tiny Activity Toys Gift Set

Done by Deer Tiny Activity Toys Gift Set
Done by Deer Tiny Activity Toys Gift Set

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Babies start to develop their fine motor skills from a very early stage. The three tiny activity toys in this gift box are great for practising these first talents. From birth, a baby's movement is based on reflexes and within the first six months the baby will start to react on sounds, grasp and examine things with the mouth, explore different textures, and use both hands when playing.

The three activity toys focus on the early development stages. They are designed in soft and subtle colours with features that will trigger the baby's curiosity and reflexes, and being smaller, it's easier for tiny hands to grasp and activate the rattles.

The tiny sensory rattle is perfect for the baby age 2-4 month with special focus on stimulating the uncontrolled movements. When at 3-5 months the tiny teething rattle will more so stimulate the visual, oral and tactile senses.

At age 4-6 month the tiny activity string rattle will encourage the baby to explore using both hands.


  • Tiny Teething rattle, Deer friends
  • Tiny sensory rattle, Croco
  • Tiny activity string rattle, Antee

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