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Difrax Microwave Steriliser

Difrax Microwave Steriliser
The Microwave Steriliser is an indispensable item in the Difrax product range.

This steriliser kills harmful germs and bacteria found on baby products within minutes. Difrax worked intensively with a panel of medical experts and hygiene specialists to create this product.

Heat indicator label for safe use

The label on the lid is temperature-sensitive and changes colour which ensures a safe use. Once the Microwave Steriliser has finished sterilising and is ready to be taken out of the microwave, the colour of the label will turn red and blue.

The red colour indicates that the steriliser and the steam are still hot. Once the Microwave Steriliser and the hot steam have cooled down, the label on the lid will turn purple and blue. This indicates that the lid can now be safely removed. The handles have ribbed edges for better grip, and do not heat up

during sterilising.

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