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Cybex Priam/Balios Kid Board

Cybex Priam/Balios Kid Board


The Kid Board is a cool accessory perfect for older children. Easy to attach and fold away when not needed.

• Compatible with CYBEX Priam, Balios, Talos strollers
• Never leave your child alone on the kidboard
• Always hold the stroller when your child is using the kidboard
• Remove your child from the board when the stroller is pushed over curbs or similar obstacles

If you have more than 1 child or a child that does not like to be pushed around in a stroller there is the perfect solution in the Buggy Board which attaches to the bottom of the rear of your stroller so your child can stand. All buggy boards have an extender to attach the buggy board to your stroller. The buggy boards are suitable for children 2-5 years or a maximum of 20kg. Safe and fun.

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Cybex Priam/Balios Kid Board
  • EAN: 4058511411743