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Super cute, extra-large wearable apron style character towels for splash-proof bathMade with Bamboo fibre, ultra-soft & naturally anti-bacterial..
$35.99 $39.99
Luxurious cot or cot bed sheets: Super soft 100% jersey cotton sheets that are gentle and kind to your baby’s skinDeep Elastic skirts: with 360° elastic flap (12 cm)  for secure fitting and stretching perfectly on mattresses for cot or cot bed2 pack of fitted sheets means you always have one ready..
Luxurious fleece lined Footmuff with water resistant shell to keep your baby or toddler warm and cosy. Our cosy stroller footmuff is extra long and has a chest opening for easy access and a bottom opening for muddy boots and shoes. With a pull-tie hood for colder days, your baby will stay snug and w..
$134.99 $149.00
Laboratory tested and proven, the ClevaScoop® Baby Formula Multi-Scoop prepares the most accurate feed for your baby, saving you time, money and most of all, patience! Reduce the health risks associated with over or underfeeding your baby by using the ClevaScoop®.One easy scoop action is all it take..
With its soft flexible edge, our handy Baby Bath Shampoo Rinse cup contours to form a watertight band against your child’s forehead, ensuring that the shampoo and water run back over your child’s head and not into their face or eyes, ensuring there are no more tears at bath time.A soft flexible rim ..
The Clevamama Mum2Me Maternity Pillow & Sleep Pod supports mum`s entire body, from head and neck, down to bump and knees, during those times when getting comfortable seems impossible. The elevated support helps reduce the effects of heartburn and reflux, a common issue, particularly in late preg..
$220.00 $244.99
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