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Brand: Chicco
Baby Hug Air is the 4 in 1 solution designed by Chicco to accompany the baby in his daily growth, from the moment of birth until he reaches 36 months of age; a versatile product that simplifies everyday life. In fact, Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 Air contains four different products: the cradl..
Brand: Chicco
Ideal for carrying the Chicco NaturalFeeling feeding bottles or the baby food when out and about.- Multi-Purpose Cap - can be used as a handy plate - Practical Pouch - Can be used to carry a spoon to easily feed the baby on the go.- Dual Function - Can also be used as a thermos for hot and cold so..
Brand: Chicco
The compact Chicco Bottle and Baby Food Warmer quickly and easily warms baby bottles and food jars. A basket insert for placing and removing smaller containers is included. An audible beep alerts you when contents are up to temperature, and the unit has automatic shut-off for safety and to ..
Brand: Chicco
The Safe Hygiene Brush & Comb allows you to gently comb baby’s hair.  The soft natural bristles of the brush and the comb teeth with rounded ends are ideal for baby’s delicate scalp.  Both have large handles that allow for an easy grip. ..
Brand: Chicco
The Easy Flex Bib is comfortable, easy to wear and easy to clean! Designed with an ergonomic shape, made from soft and light material that follows the baby movements catching crumbs as they fall! Can be used at home and on the go!   With soft material your flex bib follows the m..
Brand: Chicco
Pre order for Dec shipment.Chicco Cuddle & Bubble. The baby bath and changing mat comfortable for the baby and versatile for you.Finally a baby bath and changing table that, besides being comfortable for the baby, is also designed to ensure maximum practicality for the parents.It is assembled in..
Brand: Chicco
Chicco Next2me is the side-sleeping crib chosen by thousands of parents! Your Next2me can be used with the side open, attached to the bed or as a regular crib with the side up. Chicco Next2Me easily attaches to every bed and makes the moment of rest peaceful and serene, a perfect embrace of ..
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Brand: Chicco
More than a magical, forest-themed accessory for their nursery or bedroom, Chicco's cot mobile is ideal for entertaining and help settling your little one to sleep. Sweetly designed in bright colours, it comes complete with three adorable plush animal pendants (bear, bird and snail included) that ca..
Brand: Chicco
The Chicco Grow and Walk electronic Gym combines four different toys and follows your little one's motor development during the various phases of growth. By removing the legs that support the product, the play panel can also be used separately.The play gym can be discovered by your little ..
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Brand: Chicco
Baby Hug is the 4 in 1 Baby day time routine solution designed by Chicco to accompany the child in their daily growth, from the moment of birth up to the age of 36 months; a versatile product that simplifies everyday life.In fact, Chicco Baby Hug 4 in 1 contains four different products: the crib tha..
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Brand: Chicco
Mamma Lullaby Night Light has a double function:  it projects soft, coloured lights to the rhythm of classical or modern melodies and relaxing nature sounds.  It also functions as a nightlight.  It allows mum to record her voice and replay it for her baby when he wakes up. ..
Brand: Chicco
 The modular and flexible design makes it adaptable to various requirements of support that vary during pregnancy and change from one woman to another. The pillow consists of 3 pieces that can be removed and used for the perfect combination. The total body pillow has been developed wi..
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