Change mats provide an hygienic and ergonomic method of changing your baby.  Some change tables may come with basic foam change mat, while you could upgrade with a thicker and firmer change mat with raised edges.  Then there are the premium change mats that makes your nursery design complete.  Here is our pick on some of the best change mats available in the Australian baby retail market.

Leander Matty Change Mat

This is the most premium baby change mat.  Beautiful design, comfort and available in a variety of colours from cappuccino, soft pink, pale blue and dusty grey.  Made from polyurethane foam which is a very robust and sturdy material but also very soft to the touch.  It would look perfect on any Leander or Linea dresser or any other matching furniture.  So soft that you do not need any fabric layers like a cover or a towel before you put your baby down.

Leander Matty Change Mat

Boori Cloud Easy Clean Change Mat

The Boori Cloud change mat is very similar to the Leander Matty.  It's made from the same material and has the same feel and comfort.  The pricing is very close between these two change mats, however, the Boori Cloud is currently only available in grey. 

Boori Cloud Easy Clean Change Pad

Shnuggle Squishy Change Mat

For those that are not looking for the rectangular shaped changing mats, then you may consider the Shnuggle Squishy change mat with rounded ends. 

Shnuggle - Grey Squishy Change Mat

Boon Fresh Baby Changing Station

Looking for something different with more colour, try this orange change mat from Boon.  It comes with the nifty toy hook to keep baby happy or still when you are changing.

Boon Fresh Baby Changing Station - Orange

Babyrest Change Mat

Back to basics.  Babyrest change mats come with raised side and comes in a variety of sizes. 

Babyrest Change Mattress Deluxe in White