All current cots models of the Boori range requires the same mattress size.  The size recommended for Boori cots are 70cm x 132 cm.

All cots in Australia have the required mattress size labeled on the base.  If you have older models of the Boori range cots, then they require different size mattress.

There are currently only 3 cot mattresses available from Boori.  Boori Innerspring Breathable Mattress, Boori Cot Bed Pocket Spring and Boori Breathable 3D Innerspring Mattress.

Boori Breathable Innerspring Mattress

(132x70x12cm  RRP $174.95)

Inner spring mattress with breathable polyester outer layer

Boori Pocket Spring Mattress

(132x70x12cm  RRP $199.95)

Pocket springs work independently, reacting only to the pressure applied to that area to provide maximum comfort.  100% polyester outer layer.

Boori Breathable 3D Innerspring Mattress

(132x70x12cm  RRP $299.95)

An innerspring mattress with a 3D polyester top layer that facilitates improved air circulation while still maintaining good spine support and equal weight distribution

  • Awarded a 100% Choice Expert Rating
  • Great air circulation inside
  • Equal weight distribution
  • Protects the spine