Do you have a small house or apartment and have very little room for a nursery cot?  Or, maybe you just want a small, compact or perhaps one that folds away when not in use?   Whether you need a compact or fold-able cot for your place or the grandparents place, there is a design for every budget.

The Tasman Eco Eden cot has a mattress size of 108 x 53cm.  It comes with wheels for easy move-ability.  This cot does not a drop side.  It does have 2 mattress base level - bassinet level for easy access for the first 6 months and lower level for when the baby cam sit upright.  This cot does not fold.

Tasman Eco Urban Eden Cot + Essentials Urban Eden Foam Mattress

The Sunbury Compact Cot has a mattress size of 101 x 61cm.  It has all the features of a traditional cot, just smaller.  This cot has a drop side.  Ofcourse, it has 2 mattress base levels.  All cots sold in Australia has 2 levels.

Sunbury Compact Cot in White & Mattress

The Babyhood Fold-n-Go cot has a mattress size of 120x60cm.  The mattress size is actually a standard size in European cots.  Therefore, you can easily get replacement mattress in future or you have options of choosing other brands of mattress. This cot has all the features of a traditional cot, including a drop side.  But, it also can be folded.

Want a bit of style?  Most compact cots are designed for function, rather than style.  However, the Bloom Alma Papa cot has modern styling and can be folded away. The Bloom Alma Papa has mattress size of 120x60cm.

Bloom Alma Papa Cot

Bloom Alma Papa Cot