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Benbat Scoop & Store Bath Basket Fish

Benbat Scoop & Store Bath Basket Fish


- These cute and friendly pals are pitching in to clean up after bath time. 
- The net’s large opening and flexible material make it easy for every tugboat, rubber ducky and squishy fishy to swim right in with plenty of room. 
- Hang the lightweight basket onto its very own wall hook to let the water drip out, keeping the toys spick-and-span.
- Your kids will have fun too, making sure your bathtub is ship-shape and squeaky clean.
- Holds oodles of toys.
- Wide opening to scoop toys easily.
- Lightweight to hang safely.
- Flexible material fits even oddball shapes.
- Mesh net drips and dries quickly.
- Cute and colorful characters.

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Benbat Scoop & Store Bath Basket Fish