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Beaba Baby Brush & Comb Beaba Baby Brush & Comb
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Brand: Beaba
The Beaba Baby Brush and Comb is ideal for your baby's grooming routine. Its interlocking system allows you to keep the brush and comb together, saving space in your bag. The comb is anti-tangles and the brush bristles are made of soft nylon&..
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Brand: Beaba
Beaba Lotus Thermometer is a multi-functional digital thermometer. With the Lotus Thermometer parents can take both the bath and room temperature. It has a rounded shape and is made from flexible material with no risk of injury if baby puts it in its mouth.It has a pleasing lotus flower shape and fl..
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Brand: Beaba
Beaba® Multiportions are designed to freeze and store a la carte foods for baby. The Multiportion comprises six individual compartments.Made from high quality, platinum grade silicone, a single portion of frozen food is easy to pop out. These lighweight storage containers are freezer, microwave, ove..
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Brand: Beaba
Universal Descaler for BabycookEliminates Limescale: For Proper Operation And Preservation Fo The ApplianceOptimizes Cooking ConditionsHigh Level Decomposition Of Mineral Sediments: Adapted To All Water Hardness 500ml..
Brand: Beaba
With the push of a button the Milkeo measures out, mixes water and formula powder, then directly distributes milk into the bottle without air bubbles. Features: Very fast: prepares bottles in 10 to 20 secondsAdapts to every bottle: select room temperature, body temperature or warmEven temperat..
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Brand: Beaba
The innovative and compact Baby Milk Second Bottle Warmer heats bottles in less than 2 mins and small jars in less than 5 mins thanks to its patented ultra-quick steam heating system. This machine takes the best features of baby bottle sterilizers and warmers and combines them in one, ultra-qui..
Brand: Beaba
The perfect container for individual servings of formula or snacks on the go. Designed with a covered spout for convenient pouring of premeasured formula. Three separate sections that can be stacked in any order. A convenient, soft silicone handle allows you to latch to your bag so snacks ar..
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Brand: Beaba
Pre orderThe Up & Down High Chair allies Béaba®’s know-how (patented Up & Down technology) and French quality. This high chair is also a very well thought-out design which matches the child’s body shape perfectly to offer him maximum comfort, and ensures him an optimum position to eat w..
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