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Avent Milk Powder Dispenser

Avent Milk Powder Dispenser


The Philips AVENT Formula Dispenser / Snack Cup keeps formula or snacks fresh and secure. It holds three 9oz. pre-measured portions of formula in separate compartments, ideal for travel, or remove the inner compartments and use as a bowl or cup.

Product Description
This 3-in-1 dispenser makes on-the-go bottle feeding easier. This new formula dispenser holds up to three pre-measured 9-oz. feeds, and features a plastic divider that keeps the formula separate and ready to mix. The flip-top spout ensures accuracy and prevents messes when pouring. And when your baby is ready for solids, it can be used as a handy snack cup simply by removing the divider. All parts are sterilizer and microwave safe!

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Avent Milk Powder Dispenser
  • EAN: 5012909006941