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All Weather Infant Coccon

All Weather Infant Coccon
Designed for today €™s €œparents on the go, € the VALCO cocoon is not just a traditional cocoon. Of course the 100% cotton inner lining is soft, breathable and luxuriously comfortable for baby, as is the firm back support (which is removable for washing).

In today €™s era of heightened safety awareness, where harnessing a newborn baby in any stroller is a real chore (and even then not necessarily secure), the VALCO Cocoon is the perfect complement to the stroller. Special side clips enable the cocoon to be attached either to the €œD € rings that can be found in most strollers or to the harness system itself, whichever is more convenient. This means that baby is always kept safe and secure in the cocoon and does not need to be woken when its time to go, as the cocoon is easily detached and lifted (with the child) out of the stroller!

The cocoon is equally at home in all seasons of the year thanks to the zip off top. During the warmer months the top can be replaced with the mesh version for extra air flow (included in the package) and the removable hood helps protect baby from the harsh sun. While not a safety harness, the internal velcro strap helps keep baby in the optimum position.

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