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Disposable baby bibs 20 piece per pack. Soft, water resistant layer prevents leaks and ensures dry and clean cloths. Great for meals at home and on the go. Adhesive strips hold securely and easily. Attached pocket to catch crumbs.Features:Easy to carry and use; saves cleaning.Disposable environmenta..
Pack of 10 different rattles to keep your little one entertained from a young age. Enhance their senses with bright colours, creative styles, textures and sounds. With both soft and hard rattles, your child will be inseparable from their favourite new rattle.Suitable for steam or UV sterilisingTP..
Washing hands is troublesome for children as they can easily fall when climbing onto the sink. The BabyCare Tap Extender helps bring the water closer to the child. Promote children’s hand washing habits with this cute and unique dinosaur design and make washing hands fun and enjoyable. Features:..
Washing hands is troublesome for children as they can easily fall when climbing on the sink. Faucet extender helps bring the water close to the children. Cute and unique dinosaur design makes washing hands enjoyable...
Protect your baby throughout the changing seasons with this Bc Babycare cooling cushion pad that fits right in the pram. With four layers of microcirculation, the pad provides ventilation for instant cooling. Materials are bacteriostatic and breathable, to keep away 99% of germs.Features4 layers of ..
Made of cotton of good quality, soft and skin-friendly, give you a nice exfoliation experience without hurting the skin. Easy to clean that can eliminate bacterial growth, prevents to irritate sensitive skin and promotes healthy skin. Not only can be considered as cleaning tool for makeup re..
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