It's essential to clean baby bottles, teats and toys.  For babies, it's not just a matter of clean, but sterilized.  Bacteria in leftover milk can cause nasty tummy bugs, so it’s important to sterilise all your baby’s feeding kit.

There are 2 ways to sterilize baby products, steam or UV lights. 

Steam sterilizers are basically sterilizers only, while UV sterilizers possess more functions such as storage function, dryers, self cleaning etc.  Not only that, UV Sterilizers allows you to sterilize more objects such as toys, breast pump parts, phones etc.  One thing to keep in mind is that UV sterilizers are arguably much safer than Steam sterilizers as it uses bulb.

UV light devices are worth purchasing because they are known to be effective and have already been in use pre-COVID for sanitation purposes.  UV sanitizers to disinfect other items, such as face masks, retainers, glasses or makeup brushes.

As our lifestyle gets busier, we always seek for something quick and easy to operate. UV Sterilizer is much more convenient with all the technology within. Without using water, UV Sterilizers require much lesser steps, just place your bottles inside and with a button, you are ready to go! UV Sterilizer is just like a “smart” sterilizer with all sorts of function! With using UV Light, there is no need to wait for the water to dry up, with takes lesser time!

Both steam and UV kills 99.99% of bacteria and germs.  Since steam spreads quickly throughout the machine, all surfaces of your baby's bottles or accessories and your pump parts are sterilized regardless of their shape, however, not all products can be placed under steam.  UV light only kills germs if it directly shines on the product surface containing bacteria - it can be any product including your phone.  UV sterilizer using LED lights are also portable with built in battery for convenience. UV Sterilizers are new in the baby industry, it does offer a easier way to sterilize any baby product and very effective as a sterile storage cabinet.