It's common now for customers to buy a pram for their first child that has the ability to convert to a double later. We are so lucky in Australia to have such as wide range of brands to select from.

In this post we just comparing the UPPABaby Vista and the Cybex Gazelle.

What's included in a single mode

The UPPABAby Vista comes with a bassinet, whereas the Cybex Gazelle the bassinet is a separate purchase. For newborns you must use the bassinet with the UPPABAby Vista as the seat is only suitable from 6 months upwards. The Cybex Gazelle seat can be reclined into a fully flat position meaning you can use the seat from birth.

Both prams has large shopping storage basket. However, the UPPABaby Vista has the rear axle bar in the middle of the basket.

Rain cover is included with the Vista, however this is an separate purchase for the Gazelle.

Just in case you're vegan, the handles on the UPPABaby Vista is real leather.

Which is easier to fold?

The UPPABAby Vista is easier to fold. The Cybex Gazelle has a 3 stage safety system to fold the pram - most pram are 2 stage, even Cybex's other models!

Both prams can be folded with the seat on the frame. The Cybex Gazelle seat can be folded in half to reduce space.

Second Seat

When you're ready for your second child you will need to purchase a second seat. The second seat for the UPPABaby Vista called the rumble seat is slightly smaller than the main seat and does not has adjustable foot rest. The second seat for the Cybex Gazelle is the same size as the main seat.

You cannot fold either of these prams with the second seat on the frame. Its must be removed before folding.

What's the price?

UPPABaby Vista (main seat + carrycot)  RRP $2199

Cybex Gazelle S v23 (main seat + carrycot) RRP $2158

UPPABaby Vista (main seat + carrycot + second seat)  RRP $2599

Cybex Gazelle S v23 (main seat + carrycot + second seat) RRP $2657

Which one is better?

UPPABaby is an American brand, Cybex is a an German brand. Both have very different styles and features.

UPPABaby has been in Australia longer than Cybex and therefore it is a popular brand in Australia. Both are very good and the final decision will be determine by the customer on the open/close, whether it fits in their boot and the feel of the pram when pushing it.