Newborn babies are some adorable and cute you just want to watch them the time.  Having babies in a cot or bassinet away from the mother may be too far for some.  Sleeping with the baby is highly risky.  Co-Sleepers are the perfect nursery furniture to be close to baby during sleeping time.  Here are the co-sleepers available in Australia.

Chicco Next 2 Me

Small, light-weight and compact the Next2Me co-sleeping crib is perfect for travelling or for use in the home. Made from a soft washable fabric that can be folded down easily for portability.

Chicco Next 2 Me Magic Side Sleeping Crib


The stand is included and has over 70 settings including the ability to tilt to assist babies with reflux. Both the stand and the basket fold flat for storage or travel.

BedNest - Sleeping Bassinet

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

Now your little one can sleep as close as you like, while still safely in his own separate sleep area, reducing the risks associated with co-sleeping or bed-sharing. The HALO® Bassinest™ Swivel Sleeper Premiere is the only bassinet that rotates 360 degrees for the ultimate in convenience and safety.

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper: Premiere with Luna Print

Love n Care By My Side

The Love N Care By My Side Co-Sleeper has a both a bassinet mode and a bedside co-sleeper mode.

Love n Care By My Side Co-Sleeper - Gray

Love n Care Dreamtime

The Love N Care dreamtime Sleeper has both a bassinet mode and a bedside co-sleeper mode.

Love N Care Dreamtime Sleeper

Troll Sun Bedside

The Troll crib can be used freestanding as a crib or simply lower one side to enable you to lie next to your baby safely. It has an adjustable base height so you can match it to the height of your bed. Allows you to stay close to your baby, so there is no need to get up at the night.

Troll Sun Co-Sleeping Bedside Bassinet- In stock

Babyhood Co-Sleeper Cradle

You can now safely co-sleep with your baby in the Babyhood Co-Sleep Cradle. You can choose to use the cradle in the nursery or at your bedside or wheel it around as a bassinet through the house, during the day so baby is always in arm’s reach of you.

Babyhood Co-Sleeper Cradle