Best Compact Travel Strollers that are easier to use than the Babyzen YOYO

Babyzen YOYO has been around for 11 years and pioneered the travel stroller. While the YOYO sets the gold standard for travel strollers, it is not necessarily the easiest to use.

So, in this blog: We considered easy to use travel strollers from brands such as Cybex, BabyZen, GB, Joolz and Silver Cross to find the best compact travel stroller for you.

Best Overall

Cybex Coya

It goes without saying that you pay for what you get. Just shy of $900 delivers quality without compromise – The Cybex Coya Stroller offers a lightweight 6.6kg frame that is sized to fit in most overhead compartments.

Yes, it lies flat. Has an adjustable leg rest. Suitable from birth to 22kg. Effortlessly folds with one hand. And can even take on a Cloud Q capsule. This already exceeds the top travel strollers – even the likes of Baby Zen YOYO which has been around for 11 years.

However, what is often overlooked as we frequently shop online is build quality. If your familiar with Cybex, the Coya is a hybrid between the Priam and Mios that offers exceptional quality. Luxury washable fabrics, probably softer that your Sheridan sheets and metallic accents (matte black or rose gold) that captures the attention of parents pushing around their bulky prams. You cannot find another stroller like the Coya.

Cybex Coya Stroller

But if this seems overkill for a trip to Bali, keep scrolling down – There’s more!

Top Picks

Babyzen YOYO

If you walked into a baby store and asked for a travel stroller, without a doubt you would leave with a Baby Zen YOYO. Simply put, one of the earliest travel strollers in the market has become globally recognised. Almost every airline will let you on! Although it is only suitable for 6 months upwards (unless you buy a YOYO newborn pack), it is easily one of the best pushing strollers with an amazing suspension on such a small set of wheels – The YOYO sets a gold standard.

We all know that the most important feature is the folding. Unlike other travel strollers, it is not singled handed and requires more effort.

The 'two step fold' is awkward as you have to crouch and reach for a small button underneath before fully folding. It is definitely not the easiest folding.

BABYZEN YOYO2 Stroller with Black Frame and Grey Seat Pack

Joolz AER+

Want a sustainable fabric option?

Joolz teams with Waste2wear who creates fabrics from recycled plastic. Cleaning the world around us and making travelling even better!

Joolz Aer+ offers a similar experience to YOYO. It can’t lie flat, but it does extremely well at sitting upright with the highest backrest. While AER+ folds slightly bigger than the YOYO, it compensates by offering a bigger basket for your shopping spree and an extended canopy that keeps the sun away.On top of that, pushing remains smooth and weight capacity matches both the YOYO and Coya. With a satisfying one handed fold, it makes travelling even easier and could be used as a daily stroller.

One thing to praise about Joolz, again, its quality. Yes, the frame. The fabric. The wheels. If you don’t trust me, trust their 10-year warranty on frame.

Joolz Aer+

Silver Cross JET 3

Jack of all trades. Master of all?

It surprised me that the oldest pram brand in the world can pull off such a trendy and luxurious travel stroller packed with all the features. Fitted with their easy-to-use magnetic seatbelt system, built in bumper bar and adjustable leg rest, honestly, it could replace your current pram. And finally, we get a stroller that lies flat and even has a more compact fold than the YOYO and AER+.

Once folded down, instead of carrying it to terminal 78 for an hour, it stands upright and can be pulled like a trolley – even the kids want a turn.  

The Jet 3 has been popular for some time, sure it has all the features. But for me, I still can’t get over the limited 15kg weight capacity opposed to the average 20kg we see in most travel strollers these days. 

Other than that. It’s perfect.

Silver Cross Jet 3 - Eclipse

Best Budget

GB Pockit and Cybex Libelle

Side by side, the GB Pockit and Cybex Libelle appear identical in design. Classed as the world’s smallest and one of the lightest - overhead compartments are lightwork. I particularly love these strollers because they are so practical and built for purpose. To travel. To get from point A to B.

The GB Pockit has been around for 8 years and has built its reputation for reliability. The newly released Cybex Libelle transcends it by improving the seatbelt system (much easier to use) and improved fabrics that gives it that premium touch that was missing in the Pockit.

GB Pockit+ All-City StrollerCybex Libelle Stroller

Easy to Use

Cybex Orfeo

My favourite? The Cybex Orfeo is the best one I can afford.

It offers everything premium coming from a brand like Cybex and seemingly more affordable than its expensive counterpart, the Coya. Sure, the frame isn’t bling-bling, but practicality wise and the size is perfect for me. Also, it has the best folding in my opinion.

Cybex Orfeo Stroller

Sometimes simplicity is better. At least that’s what I prefer when travelling.

Whether you’re travelling this year or just reading this article for something to buy – Travel strollers are great for any purpose.

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