Babies love baths.  It can be fun for them and also for you.  I also find that after bathing baby is more relaxed and sleeps better.

Bathing the Baby in the Shower

If you're thinking of just taking baby into the shower, be very careful.  it can be very slippery.  To safely bath your baby in the shower, we recommend the Charli Chair  It's a seat that can fill with water and it's at a comfortable height for the adult to bath the baby in the shower.

The Cutest Baby Baths

If you're after fun and good looking baths, then check out the Moby bath and the Shnuggle bath tub.  The Skip Hop Moby bath comes with a sling and the Shnuggle Bath bath is available in baby size or a larger toddler size.  Available in a variety of colours for maximum cuteness.

Skip Hop - Moby Bath Smart Sling - 3 Stage Bathtub

Shnuggle Toddler Bath With Plug

Fold-able Baths with Style

The Stokke Flexi Bath is always a favorite.  It's available in a variety of styles and the ability to fold works best for apartment living or families that want more space. 

The Bath with Everything

This is the bath that has all the features you need. The multi functional bath was designed to record baby's weight while enabling simple monitoring of the water temperature at all times.
The ergonomic design enables extended use and ensures maximum comfort for parents and babies alike.

Roger Armstrong Aqua Scale Bath V3 - White