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Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce & Sway

Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce & Sway
Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce & Sway

The Tiny Love Natures Way Bounce and Sway covers 2 unique motions, soothing sways and perfect bounces which provides an ideal environment to calm and entertain baby. It only takes a gentle touch to create the natural swaying motions, and as baby moves and plays it generates perfect soft bounces. free from wires and electricity.

- The frame of the bouncer is made from springy steel which enables the sway movement that lasts more than 30 seconds.
- The springy seat frame of the bouncer is connected to the base from the upper part to create the ultimate bouncing movement.
- The unique bouncer shines with its stylish look, cozy seat and premium fabrics that pamper baby and give the utmost comfort & delight.
- The Nature’s way Bounce and Sway answers both needs and provides them the ultimate product for soothing and entertaining as well.


- Removable arch with 2 adorable rattling toys.
- 3 Music categories with 19 different tunes.
- 25 Minutes of continuous non repeating music.
- Calming vibrations.
- Easy to clean machine washable seat pad.
- Quick and easy assembly.
- 5-point harness.


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