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Taf Toys Garden Tummy-time Gym

Taf Toys Garden Tummy-time Gym
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Taf Toys Garden Tummy-time Gym


    Thickly padded, colorful play gym with plenty of activities specially designed to encourage baby’s tummy-time play and help strengthen baby’s head and neck muscles
    For Easier Development and Easier Parenting!


    Special mat clip holds the toys steady so that baby can practice tummy-time.
    Three playful, multi-sensory hanging toys - baby-safe cabbage leaf mirror, jingling Ronnie the rabbit and a rotating wood log.
    All three toys can hang on the arches or attach to the mat's clip for tummy-time play.
    Includes tummy-time pillow, for easier tummy-time for the baby.
    Extra-soft and thickly padded play mat, for Easier Development.

Development Values
    The soft tummy-time pillow and activities, encourage baby to lift head and neck and strengthen their muscles.
    Playing with the hanging toys, helps develop baby's senses and motor skills.