• Shade-a-Babe Ultimate Universal Single Pram/Jogger Outlook

Shade-a-Babe Ultimate Universal Single Pram/Jogger Outlook

  • $59.95

NEW - Shade zips opens for access while still offering side shade and glare protection for sensitive eyes. You can now acess your baby without having to take the shade off compleatley!!!

* A sun cover that fits snugly over your pram / stroller / buggy / jogger
* Allows good ventilation and vision for your infant
* Can be used with or without UPF50+ sun visor
* Acts as a windbreak on windy days without having to resort to a plastic rain cover
* Mesh helps protect against flies and insects
* Discourages unwanted contact from the public with your infant
* Reduces glare increasing comfort for your infant
* Non PVC
* Provides between approx. 70% and 99%* UV sun protection as follows:
-Single layer of fabric approx. 70%
-Glare shield (double layer of fabric for extra protection for face and eyes when the sun visor is not in use) apprx. 90%
-Sun visor when in down position 99% protection to sensitive eyes and face
* Universal model uniquely designed to fit most makes of strollers / joggers / ATPS
* Available in single and twin models
* Easily stored and folded
* Can be used all year round from birth upwards
* To obtain maximum protection it is recommended that this product is
used in conjunction with sunscreens, hats and protective clothing

Black & black drop down
Black & red drop down
Black & Sand drop down
Black & Navy drop down

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