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Pigeon Glass Bottle Slim - 120ml

Pigeon Glass Bottle Slim - 120ml
Pigeon Glass Bottle Slim - 120ml

All the benefits of the new and improved Peristaltic PLUS™ Teat with the quality of the Pigeon PPSU plastic bottle.

The new Pigeon Peristaltic PLUS™ Teat is the outcome of 50 years of intensive research and development , mainly focused on the observation of baby's breastfeeding motion and key factors of success. The new Peristaltic PLUS™ Teat was designed to facilitate and promote a correct latch on, e natural peristaltic movement while sucking and a effortless and smooth swallowing of milk.

The decades of effort and work dedicated to this product translate into a teat that allow Mum to easily switch from breastfeeding to bottlefeeding by dramatically reducing any Nipple confusion in babies.


Thick but Ultra-Soft Silicone: The precisely crafted thick but ultra-soft silicone rubber ensures ideal softness and elasticity so your baby can latch on comfortably and easily. The shape fits perfectly onto your baby's tongue, allowing smooth tongue movements (peristaltic motion) and minimising air intake.  There are the three varieties of silicone firmness available to match the age of baby, each of which will conform to the movement of Baby's tongue.

Fossa-fitting Nipple with Textured Surface: The contour and radius of Peristaltic PLUS™ Nipple is expertly crafted to fit the cavity at the top of baby's mouth, known as a sucking fossa.  This precise fit enables a better attachment to the nipple when sucking.  The textured surface using fine layer of bumps on the silicone surface makes latching and releasing nipple easier for your baby.

Wide-based Nipple: The Peristaltic PLUS™ Nipple's wide base helps Baby to open their mouth widely, encouraging steady peristaltic motion. It is also to prevent Baby's lips from reaching the cap during attachment.  Baby will then able to form a solid seal on the silicone for more effective sucking.

Wide-neck Streamline Bottle: The streamlined shape makes it easy for mothers to hold and keep clean. Made of high quality durable plastic, the wide-neck opening makes preparation of formula milk for baby simple and effortless.

Air Ventilation System (AVS): For stress-free drinking with minimum air intake during feeding.

Pigeon bottles can be boiled, steamed, microwaved and chemically sterilized. the PPSU plastic can withstand tempratures up to 110C.

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