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Owlet Smart Sock 3 + Cam Monitor Duo

Owlet Smart Sock 3 + Cam Monitor Duo
Owlet Smart Sock 3 + Cam Monitor Duo
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Owlet Smart Sock 3 + Cam Monitor Duo
Owlet Smart Sock 3 + Cam Monitor Duo
Owlet Smart Sock 3 + Cam Monitor Duo

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The Owlet Monitor Duo bundle includes the Owlet Cam and new Smart Sock 3.

The highly successful Smart Sock by Owlet is now even smarter.  The Smart Sock monitors what really matters: oxygen levels and heart rate. It is the only baby monitor to do so and does this via safe, clinically-proven and accurate pulse oximetry technology. 

The sensor is encased in a specially-designed sock that is wrapped around one of the baby’s feet.Parents are notified via the base station and a smart phone Owlet app if the readings for heart rate and oxygen levels fall outside of the pre-set (medically established) parameters.


The new Smart Sock comes with four socks in mint green. There are two sock sizes, each with a left and right fitting.

The base station has also been updated. It now features wireless charging, quick charge option and one-touch operation. Owlet app is included.

The key updates to the Smart Sock 3 include:

  • New, improved sock design for better monitor sensitivity, durability, and fit
  • Two sock sizes with left and right-fitting sock in each size (four in total)
  • Extended baby-weight range to cater for up to 90% of babies aged to approximately 18 months' old. Works for babies 5lbs to 30lbs
  • Increase in Bluetooth range of up to 30 metres
  • Continues to track through gentle motion e.g. moving baby or cradle
  • 20 minute quick charge feature that gives 8 hrs of battery life
  • Wireless charging of the monitor.  Sensor is easily charged and now washable.


The Owlet Cam itself remains unchanged however a recent firmware update enables both sound and motion detection.

The Cam seamlessly pairs with both the Smart Sock 2 and 3. 

The camera comes with a magnetic base, wall mounting kit with cable guards, temperature sensor and Owlet app.

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