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Outlook Shade a babe

Outlook Shade a babe
Outlook Shade a babe
Outlook Shade a babe
Outlook Shade a babe
Outlook Shade a babe

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The Outlook shade-a-babe is designed so that when the sun is at its peak and therefore the UV the highest, the 50UPF+ section provides the highest possible protection. As the suns angle decreases the intensity of the UV rays also decreases and the mesh sections provides the protection whilst still allowing vital airflow and vision.

Sun Visor (solid fabric) - rated UPF50+ - blocks over 99% UVA and UVB rays.

Double Mesh layers - (shadecloth) blocks over 93% UVA and UVB rays.

Single Mesh layers - (shadecloth) blocks over 70% UVA and UVB rays.

* Shadecloth is measured as a % block - this is the minimum amount the shade will block as % has been calculated as if the sun was entering the fabric directly.

* Solid Fabric has been measured againt the Sun Protecive Clothing Standard .

Both the solid fabric and the shadecloth have been tested by ARPANSA (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency)

Outlook Shade-a-babe Features:Fits most makes of 3 and 4 wheel pram and strollers - the only shade you will ever need for both your branded buggy and umbrella stroller as it has been designed so you can easily adjust

Easy and quick to put on - velcro's attach to the handle bars and side bars.

Zip access - enabling you to access your baby and unzip for additional airflow when not being pushed directly into the sun.

Good Vison and Airflow - When baby gets older it does want to look around and enjoy the ride.When younger the drop down visor can darken the pram and still allow good ventilation.

Tested - Every batch of cloth is UV tested to ensure it meets our strict guidelines. The Shade-a-babe is also tested by Intertek UK to meet strict European standards.

Awards - Prima Baby best buy 2004, Practical Parenting Best Buy 2006, Pregnancy and Birth top 3 Accessory 2004, Prima baby 3 of the best sun shades 2008, IP Parenting Media Winner,

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