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Oricom Intelligent Potty

Oricom Intelligent Potty
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Oricom Intelligent Potty

Available in Menthol (IP100MT)  colours only. Low in stock

Intelligent Potty is educational. It keeps your toddler stimulated, interested and curious.
It’s also great fun. Potty training is faster than ever with Intelligent Potty!
Life without nappies means: Helping the environment - More money in your pocket - More time to play!
Intelligent potty is the result of over 2 years of research & development and is the first ergonomically-designed potty with a re-recordable sound module. Just press the record button to record your personalised message (maximum 6 seconds). You can change the recording as many times as you like.
When your little one sits on the potty and starts to go, you will hear the sound of running water after 2 seconds. This encourages them to carry on. When your child has finished and stands up, you will hear your personalised message, followed by a child's classic tune (10 different songs to choose from).


Key Features

- Unique sound module allows you to create your own personalised reward message that you can easily change at any time

- Pre-recorded sounds of running water play after sensor has been activated by liquid to encourage your child to go

- The personalised message is a reward for after your child uses the potty

- Plays a child’s classic tune after the personalised message, 10 different 10-second songs


- High back support encourages correct posture and sitting position

- Side support prevents slippage

- Rounded edges to eliminate pinching

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