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Oricom 02SB Digital Bath and Room Thermometer - Ladybird

Oricom 02SB Digital Bath and Room Thermometer - Ladybird
Oricom 02SB Digital Bath and Room Thermometer - Ladybird

Digital Bath and Room Thermometer with Temperature Alert

The Oricom Digital Bath and Room Thermometer is designed to monitor the temperature of baby’s bath or bedroom and to use as a fun toy for babies of all ages.


Q. How do I use the digital bath and room thermometer?

A. Using your Oricom Bath or Room Thermometer Ideal bathwater temperatures should be between 36.5°C and 38°C.
A temperature higher than 39°C may cause scalds or burns.
• This thermometer measures water temperature between 0°C and 50°C.
• To activate, press the “on/set” button on the underside of the unit or place in water for automatic turn on.
• Wait 10 seconds, the digital screen will display temperature when the thermometer is on and ready for operation.
• Place the thermometer in bath water as the tub is being filled. Mix the water thoroughly whilst taking the temperature.
• Temperature alert function – LED light illuminates when water temperature is 39°C or over.
• Auto shut-off after 30 mins to save battery power.
• The thermometer will continue to re-check and adjust to show ambient room and water temperature every 10 seconds when turned on.

Q. How do I change from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

A. Press the “C/F” button on the underside of the unit to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit (Default setting is Celsius).

Q. How do I change the High Temperature Alert settings?

A. High temperature alert is preset to 39°C, but you can choose to change the setting between 37-40°C. Press and hold “on/set” button on underside of unit for 2 seconds. Press “+” button to set the desired alert temperature. If water temperature is above the high temperature setting a RED light will flash. A green light will flash when water is below 30°C. NOTE: This feature is only functional when thermometer is in the water.

Q. How do I replace the batteries?

A. – If the unit will not turn on, the batteries will need replacing.
– If you’re changing a button battery, ensure it is changed on a surface out of reach of children. Make sure the battery cover is secure, so your child can’t remove it. Store button batteries like you would any medication – out of reach of children.
– NOTE: When replacing the batteries keep all items including the old batteries, screw, “O” ring and cover, out of reach of children as these items may cause a choking hazard.
– The batteries can be accessed by removing the screw on the underside of the thermometer and then turning the cover in an anti-clockwise direction, a quarter turn, until it is loose.
– Carefully remove the batteries and insert 2 new LR44 batteries with the markings face up. Note: Do not mix old and new batteries or different brands of batteries
– Please ensure the white rubber “O” ring is inserted correctly, replace the cover turning clockwise a quarter turn and secure the screw into place. Do not short-out connecting terminals whilst changing batteries

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