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Moba Moses Basket

Moba Moses Basket
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Moba Moses Basket
The contemporary moses basket. Comes in a variety of colours. Moba Basket Includes a liner made from 100% pure cotton waffle and a L70cm x W30cm bespoke Moba mattress, for more information on the mattress view the mattress description. Dimensions: L82.4c

•Moba® has a very contemporary design and is available in a wide range of colours.

•Moba® has ergonomic shaped handles with a soft grip for comfort. They are strong and durable so they will never break!

•Moba® offers additional safety and comfort features; specially designed air holes to maximize airflow and ventilation.

•Moba® is made from a soft, tactile, synthetic material that is completely recyclable. The special material is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and FDA approved. It looks and feels great!

•Moba® is made in the UK at an ISO approved factory. The quality is guaranteed and the product comes with a very low carbon footprint.

•Moba® has a reinforced base for extra stability.

•Moba® is designed to be very hygienic. Its smooth surface can be wiped clean.


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