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Medela Teats (2 pack)

Medela Teats (2 pack)
Medela Teats (2 pack)
Medela Teats (2 pack)
; Authorised Distributor of Medela breast pumps and
accessories Medela silicone teats are designed to be used with
Medela Breast Milk Bottles which have a teat insert.
This particular teat design has been on the market
for years and millions are sold around the world each year.
Additionally- Medela have conducted testing to
assess flow rate and ensure safety.
Dishwasher safe (top shelf). Guaranteed microwave safe if used with
Medela Quick Clean Microwave Bags.
Two per pack. Sizes: ;
Slow Flow (0-3 months) Medium Flow (4-6 months) ; ;
We strongly recommend you ensure breastfeeding is well established before introducing a teat

Sizes Are Available : Small & Miduim.

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