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  • Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump with 2-Phase Expre

Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump with 2-Phase Expre

  • $549.95
  • $449.00

The world's smallest high-performance electric breastpump gives a mother more time and flexibility in her everyday life. Ideal for daily and frequent use. With 2-Phase Expression, Single or double pumping, SoftFit Breastshield and PersonalFit Breastshield for maximum comfort and output. Hands-free accessories for more freedom while pumping. Includes Stylish shoulder bag complete with cooler and 4 bottles for on-the-go convenience. Rechargeable battery provides 3 hours pumping time

A mother’s best choice! Freestyle has 2-Phase Expression which imitates the baby’s natural sucking rhythm and is therefore comfortable and efficient. The innovative technology is based on state-of-the-art research and brings the breastfeeding mother all-round comfort and convenience. Proven to feel most like a baby. Proven to get more milk in less time. Proven to achieve faster milk ejection and faster milk flow.

How do babies nurse?
Studies have shown that babies nurse in two phases: Initially, they suckle fast and light to stimulate the milk ejection reflex and to start the milk flowing. Then, they switch to a slower and deeper suck to get as much milk as quickly as possible.


What is 2-Phase Expression®?
It is the only research based breastpump technology to mimic a baby's natural nursing rhythm. First rapid stimulation, then slower expression.

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