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Lupi Lu Dual Toilet Seat

Lupi Lu Dual Toilet Seat
Lupi Lu Dual Toilet Seat
We all go through the adventures of toilet training.

The achievements and the ones that just miss their mark. During this big milestone in our toddlers life, the toilet can resemble an amusement park, with an array of steps, ladders, inserts and other attachments all trying to make going to the toilet a little easier for the little bums in our family. Problem is, this all needs to come back off when older siblings or parents want to use the toilet.

The award winning Lupi Lu dual toilet seat is a must have item for every family with small children. You simply replace your normal toilet seat with the Lupi Lu, which has separate toddler and adult seats integrated into the one unit. This means you have the convenience of a toddler seat being there when needed and hidden when not required.

The Lupi Lu will not move, pinch or trap germs like other ad-hoc attachments can do, which also makes it a more hygienic option too. The toddler and adult seat also have the added benefit of a soft close hinge, great for parents and will also reduce the chances of little fingers being trapped.

The Lupi Lu is made from strong polypropylene with a high quality finish and with its stylish design will complement any bathroom. It is simple to install (no tools required) and will fit standard Australian toilets with an option to also attach to most blind fixing toilet pans.

The Lupi Lu was a runner-up in the My Child Awards 2012 for Best Accessory For Baby.

* Soft close hinge so no more trapped little fingers.
* Won't move or pinch like an insert or other attachments.
* Hygenic and easy to clean.
* Child seat is hidden when not in use.
* Stylish design will compliment any bathroom.
* Made of strong polypropylene with a high quality finish.
* Fits most standard toilets with blind fixing attachment also available.
* Easy to fit - not tools required.